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Orders a unit to process command defined by FSM file (silently). Unlike with execFSM where _this is passed to the FSM, the following parameters are passed when using doFSM/commandFSM:
leader of subgroup with this command
command destination/position
command target
list of all persons in subgroup
Unit Control


unit doFSM [fsmName, position, target]
unit: Object or Array of objects
fsmName: String
position: Array
target: Object
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldierOne doFSM ["move.fsm", position player, player];
Example 2:
units player doFSM ["move.fsm", position player, player];

Additional Information

See also:
FSM FSM_Editor_Manual commandFSM completedFSM execFSM getFSMVariable setFSMVariable unitReady


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Posted on 2010-08-04 - 16:09
Do not doStop a unit in a FSM called with doFSM or commandFSM. Doing so nevertheless will halt your FSM, since no links are followed anymore (doing so in an end state should be fine though). Also this may crash your game in certain mysterious circumstances.

You may design your FSM so that they may be called with doFSM/commandFSM and execFSM likewise by checking if _units or _this is nil and then init the variables accordingly. Just remember that you should use the low level moveTo (together with moveToCompleted, moveToFailed) if do-/commandFSM'd, and doMove or commandMove (together with unitReady) if execFSM'd. A moveTo in an FSM started with execFSM won't do anything, likewise doMove in a FSM started with doFSM or commandFSM wont work either. Think about it for a minute and you will see why. (hint: a unit running a FSM called with doFSM or commandFSM will _never_ return true for (unitReady _unit))

Anyway, if you want to be able to call your FSM either way, a "ready" condition might look light this: (moveToCompleted _unit) || (moveToFailed _unit) || (unitReady _unit), assuming you have a moveTo or a doMove (depending on how the fsm is called) in the prior state.
Posted on 2015-02-14 - 13:36 (UTC)
Adding to Rübe's note, doFSM can be checked if it has finished by unitReady as of 2015 and it will return true when your FSM has completed.