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Moves unit to the first available seat in the specified vehicle. The order of priorities is the same order used in squad command when you order subordinates to get in vehicle to any position and is the same order used in Zeus when you drag units to a vehicle.

Seat assignment seems to use the following priority logic:
driver (moveInDriver) → commander (moveInCommander) → gunner (moveInGunner) → turrets (moveInTurret) → cargo (moveInCargo).
If the unit is already in a vehicle, nothing will happen. You should use moveOut to move the unit out of his vehicle before trying to move him into a new (or same) vehicle.
This command will move player into the locked vehicle or seat just as well.
Unit Control


unit moveInAny vehicle
unit: Object
vehicle: Object
Return Value:
Boolean - true on success, false on failure


Example 1:
player moveInAny tank;

Additional Information

See also:
moveInDriver moveInCommander moveInGunner moveInTurret moveInCargo


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