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Sends a simple command to the vehicle's driver / gunner (air vehicles ignore it). See also vehicleMoveInfo.
Doesn't seem to work if AI driver is alone, needs another unit in the vehicle (could be another AI or player) that is set as setEffectiveCommander. If driver is effectiveCommander it will refuse any drive commands.
Arma 3
Due to some sort of a bug when vehicle is ordered turning ("LEFT" or "RIGHT"), it locks the vehicle ability to respond to any other commands properly. Always use "STOPTURNING" to cancel turning before issuing other move commands
Gunner commands Driver Move commands Driver Turn commands
  • "FIRE"
  • "KEY FIRE"
  • "FORWARD" - move forward
  • "FAST" - move forward, fast
  • "SLOW" - move forward, slow
  • "STOP" - stop moving forward or backward
  • "BACK" - move backward
  • "KEY UP"
  • "KEY DOWN"
  • "KEY FAST"
  • "KEY SLOW"
  • "LEFT" - turn left, while moving or not
  • "RIGHT" - turn right, while moving or not
  • Arma 3 logo black.png1.78 "STOPTURNING" cancel turning (special case, normally would be called by the engine when LEFT or RIGHT turn key is released by the player)
Unit Control


vehicleName sendSimpleCommand command
vehicleName: Object
command: String
Return Value:


Example 1:
vehicle player sendSimpleCommand "STOP";

Additional Information

See also:
vehicleMoveInfo useAISteeringComponent effectiveCommander setEffectiveCommander enableAI disableAI enableAIFeature enableSentences


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Ceeeb - c
Posted on Apr 16, 2007 - 04:52 (UTC)
Valid commands include: "FORWARD", "SLOW", "FAST" "BACK", "LEFT", "RIGHT", "STOP", "FIRE", "CEASE FIRE", "MANUAL FIRE", "CANCEL MANUAL FIRE". There may be more.

Only vehicles crewed by a player can use sendSimpleCommand.
Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Jan 26, 2014 - 15:58 (UTC)
Other commands that work: "KEY FIRE", "KEY FAST", "KEY SLOW", "KEY DOWN", "KEY UP". These will simulate key presses.

In Arma 3 player doesn't always need to be in the vehicle to give commands.