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Sets a polyline marker's path.
Multiplayer optimisation: Global marker commands always broadcast the entire marker state over the network. As such, the number of network messages exchanged when creating or editing a marker can be reduced by performing all but the last operation using local marker commands, then using a global marker command for the last change (and subsequent global broadcast of all changes applied to the marker).


marker setMarkerPolyline path
marker: String
path: Array of pairs Number, Number - [x1, y1, x2, y2, ... xn, yn]
Be aware that this command expects an array with a minimum array size of 4 and that the array count always needs to be dividable by 2 and return a whole number. Code:
count path >= 4 && count path mod 2 == 0; // true → valid path
Return Value:


Example 1:
Changes "marker_1" into a polyline and draws a sine curve on player's position:
// createMarker ["marker_1", [0,0,0]]; "marker_1" setMarkerShape "polyline"; private _return = [] ; for "_i" from 0 to 100 step 0.1 do { _return pushBack (_i + getPosASL player # 0); _return pushBack ((sin (_i * 10)) * 10 + getPosASL player # 1); } ; "marker_1" setMarkerPolyline _return;

Additional Information

See also:
markerPolyline setMarkerPolylineLocal


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