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Enables or disables a trait or alters a trait of the given unit. Unit traits consist of unit abilities, which are Booleans and modifiers, which are Numbers. Custom trait can only be a bool.

  • Boolean engineer - Ability to partially repair vehicles with toolkit, equivalent to engineer = 1; in CfgVehicles
  • Boolean explosiveSpecialist - Ability to defuse mines with toolkit, equivalent to canDeactivateMines = 1; in CfgVehicles
  • Boolean medic - Ability to treat self and others with medikit, equivalent to attendant = 1; in CfgVehicles
  • Boolean UAVHacker - Ability to hack enemy and frendly drones, equivalent to uavHacker = 1; in CfgVehicles
  • Number audibleCoef - A lower value means the unit is harder to hear
  • Number camouflageCoef - A lower value means the unit is harder to spot
  • Number loadCoef - Equipment weight multiplier affecting fatigue and stamina
Object Manipulation


unit setUnitTrait [skillName, value, isCustom]
unit: Object - the unit whose trait should be set
skillName: String - name of the skill
value: Boolean or Number - value (see above)
isCustom: Boolean - (Optional) Must be set to true in case of custom
Return Value:


Example 1:
player setUnitTrait ["Medic", true];

Additional Information

See also:
getUnitTrait getAllUnitTraits


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Posted on 2016-04-27 - 18:12 (UTC)
The higher the value for the loadCoef the less stamina a unit has. Negative values will dramatically increase the stamina actually to a point where it extends the stamina bar.
Posted on 2017-10-20 - 05:49 (UTC)
explosiveSpecialist trait can defuse mines (i.e. satchel charges), whilst the engineer trait alone cannot.