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Opens the Splendid™ Config Viewer.


[parent, cfg, showOk, onSelect, onAdd, header] call BIS_fnc_configViewer
parent: Display - (Optional, default mission display) parent display
cfg: Config - (Optional, default all configs) root config
showOk: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to display OK button. Script will then wait until viewer is closed and return selected class and param
onSelect: Code - (Optional, default {}) executed upon selecting a class. Must return String, which will be shown as structured text instead of params. Currently evaluated config is passed in the _this variable.
onAdd: Code - (Optional, default {}) executed upon adding a class to list. Returned value (STRING) is item text. Empty string will skip the item. Currently evaluated config is passed in the _this variable.
header: String - (Optional, default "%1") custom header. Use %1 to refer to original name ("Splendid Config Viewer")
Return Value:
  • When OK button is not displayed, empty array is returned
  • Else, an array of currently selected entries in format [class (Config), param (String)] is returned.


Example 1:
call BIS_fnc_configViewer;
Example 2:
private _return = [ nil, configFile >> "CfgWeapons", true, nil, { params ["_cfg"]; if ( getNumber(_cfg >> "scope") == 2 && { // Layzy evaluation getNumber(_cfg >> "type") in [1,2,4] && // primary, secondary, handgun weapons { !isClass (_cfg >> "LinkedItems") or getText(_cfg >> "baseWeapon") == configName _cfg } // only base weapons, no accessories } ) exitWith { [_cfg] call BIS_fnc_displayName; // add the weapon with its displayname }; "" // don't add }, "Select Weapon" ] call BIS_fnc_configViewer; _cfgSelected = _return param [0, configNull]; systemChat str [configName _cfgSelected, _cfgSelected];

Additional Information

See also:
BIS_fnc_animViewer BIS_fnc_help


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