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Returns whether one value is not equal to another. String comparison is case-insensitive (e.g "STRINGtext" != "stringTEXT" // returns false - strings are equivalent).
a and b types must match: comparing e.g String with Number is invalid.


a != b
Introduced in Logo A0.png1.00 Logo A1 black.png1.00 Logo A1 black.png1.08 Arma 3 logo black.png2.00
Possible Type Number Side String Object Group Structured Text Config Display Control Location Diary Record Namespace Boolean
b: identical to a's type
Return Value:
Boolean - true if a is different from b, false otherwise


Example 1:
if (_counter != 4) then { hint "The counter is not equal to the number 4"; };
Example 2:
if (vehicle player != player) then { hint "you are in a vehicle"; } else { hint "you are on foot"; };
Example 3:
if (fuel truck1 != 1) then { hint "Truck1 has less than a full tank of fuel."; };
Example 4:
if (alive _unit1 != alive _unit2) then { hint "One of the units is dead while another is alive" };

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