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Smoothly conduct the changes that were assigned to a camera within the given time. If the time is set to zero, the changes are done immediately. For camPrepareXXX commands use camCommitPrepared.
Camera Control


camera camCommit time
camera: Object - object of type "camera"
time: Number - time in seconds during which the changes shall be done
Return Value:


Example 1:
SQS Syntax:
; create a camera object _cam = "camera" camCreate [5600,4800,10] _cam camSetTarget player _cam cameraEffect ["internal", "BACK"] _cam camCommit 0 ; smoothly move the camera to its new position in 6 seconds _cam camSetPos [5680,4720,20] _cam camCommit 6 @camCommitted _cam ; proceed
Example 2:
SQF Syntax:
private "_cam"; // create a camera object _cam = "camera" camCreate [position player select 0, position player select 1, 2]; _cam camSetTarget player; _cam cameraEffect ["internal", "BACK"]; _cam camCommit 0; // smoothly move the camera to its new position in 6 seconds _cam camSetPos [position player select 0, (position player select 1) + 10, 20]; _cam camCommit 6; waitUntil { camCommitted _cam; };

Additional Information

See also:
camCommitted camCommitPrepared


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