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Create a camera or a seagull object on the given position. The creation happens immediately and doesn't wait for camCommit.
Among other commands, cameraEffect must be used to enter the camera's view and camDestroy to delete the created camera. See also Camera Control.
  • Other objects can be created this way, but vehicles created with camCreate cannot be entered
  • Any unit created with camCreate will remain static
  • Unlike createVehicle, objects are created exactly at the given position, without consideration of the surrounding objects.
camCreated objects are only visible locally (meaning they are client-side effects).
Camera Control


type camCreate position
type: String - camera type, one of the following:
  • "camera"
  • "seagull" (a crow in Arma 2)
  • "camconstruct"
  • "camcurator" (Since Arma 3 Zeus)
  • "crowe" (crow - Arma 3)
  • or any vehicle class suitable to be spawned with camera
position: Array format PositionAGL - position at which to create the object
Return Value:
Object - the created camera


Example 1:
_cam = "camera" camCreate (ASLToAGL eyePos player);
Example 2:
_flr = "flare" camCreate (position _myPlane); // works too

Additional Information

See also:
camCommand camDestroy camSetFocus camCommit setPiPEffect createVehicle createUnit showCinemaBorder cameraEffect cameraEffectEnableHUD


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