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Ofp camel.jpg
Crew 1 Pilot
Armor 15
Speed 188
Weapons vickers
Vehicle classes air

The Camel fighters was a free DLC addon gift by BIS after OFP: Resistance was sold in 2002. The package contained a Mission, the fighter with east and west skins, and WWI pilots for east and west. The Camel was also updated and included as part of Armed Assault.

The famous (or infamous) Sopwith Camel was a British fighter aircraft during the great war, so named because of the hump in the forward fuselage that accommodated its twin machine gun armament. It was first inducted into service in the Royal Naval Air Service of Britain in 1917. It was the highest scoring allied aircraft of that era, but was notable for its brutal handling characteristics.


Game name config name
Operation Flashpoint Camel BISCamel BISCamelMGun
Operation Flashpoint Camel v1 BISCamel2 BISCamelMGun
Armed Assault Camel Camel TwinVickers
Armed Assault Camel2 Camel2 TwinVickers