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The soldier is the general infantryman who is the main part of a battle. They are equipped with a standard ordnance weapon, ammo, and hand grenades.

In OFP and Armed Assault, the soldiers had the same config class structure.


Game Name Config class Weapon class
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [west] SoldierWB M16 Ofp soldierwb.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [east] SoldierEB AK74 Ofp soldiereb.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [resistance] SoldierGB AK47CZ Ofp soldiergb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [BLUEFOR] SoldierWB M4A1 Soldierwb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [OPFOR] SoldierEB AK74 Soldiereb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [RACS] SoldierGB M16A2 Soldiergb.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [USMC] USMC_Soldier M16A4 Arma2 USMC soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [CDF] CDF_Soldier AK_74 Arma2 CDF soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [Russia] RU_Soldier AK_107_kobra Arma2 RU soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [ChDKZ] INS_Soldier AK_47_M Arma2 INS soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [NAPA] GUE_Soldier AK_47_M Arm2 GUE soldier.jpg