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The soldier is the general infantry man who is the main part of a battle. He is equiped with the standard ordenance weapon, ammo and handgrenades.

In OFP and Armed Assault the soldiers had the same config class structure.


Game Name Config class Weapon class
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [west] SoldierWB M16 Ofp soldierwb.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [east] SoldierEB AK74 Ofp soldiereb.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Soldier [resistance] SoldierGB AK47CZ Ofp soldiergb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [BLUEFOR] SoldierWB M4A1 Soldierwb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [OPFOR] SoldierEB AK74 Soldiereb.jpg
Armed Assault Rifleman [RACS] SoldierGB M16A2 Soldiergb.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [USMC] USMC_Soldier M16A4 Arma2 USMC soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [CDF] CDF_Soldier AK_74 Arma2 CDF soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [Russia] RU_Soldier AK_107_kobra Arma2 RU soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [ChDKZ] INS_Soldier AK_47_M Arma2 INS soldier.jpg
Arma 2 Rifleman [NAPA] GUE_Soldier AK_47_M Arm2 GUE soldier.jpg