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The Grenadier is equiped with his standard ordenance weapon a rifle with grenadelauncher, ammo and handgrenades.

In OFP and Armed Assault the soldiers had the same config class structure.


Game Name Config class Weapon class
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [west] SoldierWG M16GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldierwg.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [east] SoldierEG AK74GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldiereg.jpg
Operation Flashpoint Grenadier [resistance] SoldierGG AK47GrenadeLauncher Ofp soldiergg.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [BLUEFOR] SoldierWG M4A1GL Soldierw.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [OPFOR] SoldierEG AK74GL Soldiere.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [RACS] SoldierGG M16A2GL Soldierg.jpg
Armed Assault Grenadier [USMCD] USMCD_Soldier_GL M16A4GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [USMC] USMC_Soldier M16A4_ACG_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [CDF] CDF_Soldier AK_74_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [Russia] RU_Soldier AK_107_GL_kobra
Arma 2 Grenadier [ChDKZ] INS_Soldier AK_74_GL
Arma 2 Grenadier [NAPA] GUE_Soldier AK_74_GL