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Ofp cessna.jpg
BI Studios
Crew 2 Pilot
Armor 15
Speed 300
Weapons none
Vehicle classes air (OFP)

The Cessna 182 is among the most famous civil air vehicles internationally, and the second most popular Cessna design after the 172. It is in service in various civil and military organizations in many countries as a basic trainer, and is owned by private citizens as a personal aircraft. Consequently, it has been involved in a fair few accidents in the past. This aircraft played a role in ending the cold war, when Mathias Rust flew it from Finland to Moscow and landed it near red square.

Sadly, this aircraft didn't make a comeback in the ArmA games. Its in-game role was overtaken by the DC3 and civil helicopters.


Game name config name
Operation Flashpoint Plane Cessna