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Orders one or multiple units to get out from the vehicle (via the radio). Same as doGetOut with latter being silent.
  • Works for both AI and player entities
  • AI unit gets back in - unless is under player command or combined with other sqf commands (orderGetIn false, allowGetIn false or leaveVehicle)
  • Ignores vehicle's lock state - unlike action "Eject" and moveOut
  • AI waits for execution until vehicle has stopped/is no longer flying (unclear if any timeout exists for order to be discarded) - unlike action "Eject" and moveOut
  • Plays the vehicle's position's get out animation (same as action "Eject") - unlike moveOut
  • When execute for multiple units, it waits till the action is completed, before the next to take his turn (same as action "Eject") - unlike moveOut
  • AI gets back into formation afterwards
  • Works only on alive units - unlike action "Eject" (one after another) or moveOut (instantly)
  • Does not work on unconscious units - unless the AI is under player command. Unlike moveOut or action "Eject" (but one after another)
This command is only effective when used on local units. When used on a remote unit, this command will create radio dialogue on the machine the unit is local to, but the unit will not leave the vehicle.
Unit Control


commandGetOut unit(s)
unit(s): Object or Array of Objects
Return Value:


Example 1:
commandGetOut _unitOne;
Example 2:
commandGetOut [_unitOne,_unitTwo];

Additional Information

See also:
doGetOut moveOut leaveVehicle


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