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Limit the speed of an AI-driven vehicle or AI person to given value. It has continuous effect and AI will not break through the speed limitation until one is contacted, engaged or regrouped.
Since tkoh logo small.png1.00 and as of Arma 3 logo black.png2.14, using any negative value on a helicopter will not reset the speed limit, but will force it to fly in reverse.
Unit ControlObject Manipulation


objectName limitSpeed speed
objectName: Object
speed: Number - in km/h; By default, it's 2 * maxSpeed of the vehicle/unit (which is defined in config). See Example 1.
Return Value:


Example 1:
leader player limitSpeed 5; // set to walking speed sleep 30; leader player limitSpeed (2 * getNumber(configOf leader player >> "maxSpeed")); // remove the limit
Example 2:
addMissionEventHandler ["OnEachFrame", { hintSilent format ["myVehicle's speed: %1 km/h", speed myVehicle toFixed 2] }]; sleep 5; myVehicle limitSpeed 5;
Example 3:
// it was necessary to use limitSpeed repeatedly before Arma 3 1.24 _this setVariable ["speedLimit", 50]; _this spawn { while { sleep 0.1; canMove _this } do { _this limitSpeed (_this getVariable "speedLimit"); }; }; sleep 10; _this setVariable ["speedLimit", 100]; // update the speed limit

Additional Information

See also:
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