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Reveals a target to a group. If toWhom is a unit, unit's group is considered. If toWhom is a vehicle, vehicle commander's group is considered. The knowledge value will be set to the highest level any unit of the revealing side has about the revealed target. If the revealing side has no knowledge about the revealed target, the value will be set to 1.
The knowledge level can only be increased by this command, not decreased. Use forgetTarget first if you need to decrease value.
targetKnowledge and knowsAbout information only get updated on the PC where this command was executed.
Object Manipulation


toWhom reveal target
toWhom: Object or Group - which receives revealing information
target: Object - which is revealed
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

toWhom reveal [target, accuracy]
toWhom: Object or Group - which receives revealing information
target: Object - which is revealed
accuracy: Number - knowledge value, clamped to 0..4 range
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldierOne reveal _soldierTwo; // soldierOne knowsAbout information about soldierTwo is updated
Example 2:
player reveal cursorObject; // player knowsAbout information about object under cursor is updated
Example 3:
_soldierOne reveal [_soldierTwo, 1.5];

Additional Information

See also:
nearTargets knowsAbout forgetTarget ignoreTarget


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Posted on 2007-01-15
In OFP v1.96, When a target is revealed to a unit, its knowsAbout rating is set to 1, unless it was already more than 1 in which case reveal does nothing. See knowsAbout for more details about knowsAbout ratings and limitations.
Posted on 2008-01-24
Use reveal to allow client to see a created vehicle faster - the associated menu interaction will become available therefore, like the player has option to get in sooner.
_tank = "M1A1" createVehicle (position player); player reveal _tank; // get in user actions become available instantly
Posted on 2012-01-15
The same idea from Doolittle's note applies to beaming of units. If you setPos an unit or a player, reveal (all) nearby objects and vehicles to make the interaction possible a lot quicker.
Posted on 2012-01-15
Revealing a targetUnit will also add it to nearTargets database of the given sourceUnit. The quality/detail level of the info depends on the knowsAbout value used with reveal. More detail in the nearTargets page.
Posted on 2014-10-21 - 15:37 (UTC)
Units that have been previously subjected to enableSimulation false; or enableSimulationGlobal false; may stay unrecognised for a long time even after simulation was re-enabled, returning objNull as cursorTarget. Force revealing units with reveal command usually solves the problem. For example: