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Sets how much ammunition (compared to a full state defined by the vehicle type) the vehicle has. Note that the ammo will be added only to local turrets. To check locality of turret use turretLocal. The value ranges from 0 to 1.
Vehicle Inventory


vehicleName setVehicleAmmo value
vehicleName: Object
value: Number - 0: empty, 1: full
Return Value:


Example 1:
player setVehicleAmmo 0;
Example 2:
_vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1;

Additional Information

See also:
setVehicleAmmoDef ammo setAmmo setAmmoCargo turretLocal


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This command does not add magazines to vehicle weapons that normally start with more than one magazine. It can however, remove these magazines.
A2:OA v1.59 - Magazines of vehicle turrets are also refilled by this command.
  • If you 'unit/vehicle setVehicleAmmo 0;' an unit/vehicle first, you cannot refill it with 'unit/vehicle setVehicleAmmo 1;'.
  • You need to execute where the unit is local.
  • You need to execute on the effectiveCommander of a vehicle.
  • In Arma 3, using this command seems correctly rearm the vehicle and its turrets in all situations (tested with beta 0.72).
  • In Arma 3, when using this on a player, this command can only reduce the number of magazine in relation to the current ammo quantity of the unit. For example if player has 8 magazines, player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; will leave unit with 4 mags. Executing player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; again will leave unit with 2 mags. player setVehicleAmmo 0.5; again -> 1 mag. player setVehicleAmmo 0; will remove all mags. If player had 10 mags with 30 bullets in each, player setVehicleAmmo 0.01; will leave player with loaded mag with 3 bullets in it (300 x 0.01 = 3)
Posted on 2014-12-20 - 21:55 (UTC)
This command does not operate compared to a full state defined by the vehicle type, but rather relative to a vehicle's current magazine loadout. To get the former behaviour use setVehicleAmmoDef, which utilizes the vehicles default magazine loadout (i.e. its CfgVehicles magazines[] values).