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Sets custom ammo count in the currently loaded magazine of the specified weapon or muzzle.
Unit InventoryVehicle Inventory


unit setAmmo [weaponOrMuzzle, count]
unit: Object - gunner or vehicle.
weaponOrMuzzle: String - weapon name. Muzzle name in case the weapon has more than one muzzle, e.g. weapon with grenade launcher. See CfgWeapons for muzzle names
count: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:
Set player's handgun magazine ammo count to 10 rounds:
player setAmmo [handgunWeapon player, 10];
Example 2:
Set player's current weapon magazine ammo count to 1 round:
Example 3:
If player is a gunner in a vehicle, set current weapon magazine ammo count to 5 rounds:
if (local vehicle player) then { vehicle player setAmmo [currentWeapon vehicle player, 5]; } else { hint "Vehicle must be local to this machine for 'setAmmo' to work"; };
Example 4:
If you try to set more ammo than the magazine can hold, it will be clipped at default magazine capacity:
player setAmmo [primaryWeapon player, 1000000]; // full mag with default ammo count
Example 5:
Some weapons has more than one muzzles:
_marshall setAmmo ["autocannon_40mm_CTWS", 0];// won't work _marshall setAmmo ["HE", 0];// works

Additional Information

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