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Returns sorted array of targets, known to the enquirer (including own troops), where the accuracy coefficient reflects how close the result matches the query. This command could be CPU intensive.
Object Detection


enquirer targetsQuery [targetIgnore, targetSide, targetType, targetPosition, targetMaxAge]
enquirer: Object - for whom the query will be made
targetIgnore: Object - target object to exclude from results. objNull - return every target
targetSide: Side - desired side of the target. sideUnknown - any side
targetType: String - desired target typeOf. "" - any type
targetPosition: Array - desired target position in format of Position2D or Position3D (only [x,y] is considered). Position tolerance is 200m from the actual position of the target. [] - any position
targetMaxAge: Number - desired max age of the target. This will limit returned results to the targets younger than specified age. 0 - any age
Return Value:
Array - sorted array of returned targets in the following format: [[accuracy, target, targetSide, targetType, targetPosition, targetAge],...] where:
  • accuracy: Number - a coefficient, which reflects how close the returned result to the query filter. Range: 0 - 1 (1 - best match)
  • target: Object - the actual target object
  • targetSide: Side - side of the target
  • targetType: String - target typeOf
  • targetPosition: Array - [x,y] of the target
  • targetAge: Number - the actual target age in seconds (can be negative)


Example 1:
Return all known targets for player:
_targets = player targetsQuery [objNull, sideUnknown, "", [], 0];
Example 2:
Prioritise all known OPFOR targets and return targets less than 10 seconds old:
_targets = player targetsQuery [objNull, east, "", [], 10];

Additional Information

See also:
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