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Ofp kamov.jpg
BI Studios
Crew 1 Pilot
Armor 150
Speed 400
Weapons see weapon class
Vehicle classes air

The Ka-50 "Black Shark" (NATO Code Hokum-A) is a Russian gunship that had his first flight in 1982. In OFP Resistance campaign, Viktor Troska encounters the V-80 prototype version in the hills of Nogova. The events in Resistance take place a few years prior to those in the Cold War Campaign in 1985. In reality, the Ka-50 did not enter service until 1995. Likewise, in Armed Assault, North Sahrani, a fictitious South-American style communist state, had these gunships. In reality, only Russia has this helicopter. As of this date, none have been exported.


Game Name Config Name Weapons
Operation Flashpoint Ka-50 Kamov
  • Cannon30
  • HellfireLauncherKamov
  • Rocket57x40Kamov
ArmA: Armed Assault Ka-50 KA50
  • 80mmLauncher
  • 2A42
  • VikhrLauncher
Arma 2 Ka-52
Ka-52 (black)
  • CMFlareLauncher
  • 2A42
  • VikhrLauncher
  • 80mmLauncher