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Returns a list of all units controlled by connected clients. This includes:
  • Normal human players (including dead players)
  • Virtual Entities (see SystemsLogic EntitiesVirtual Entities in the Eden Editor)
    • Headless Clients (HeadlessClient_F)
    • Virtual Curators (VirtualCurator_F, *_VirtualCurator_F)
    • Virtual Spectators (VirtualSpectator_F)
Use BIS_fnc_listPlayers or see Example 1 to only get human players.
  • The complete array of allPlayers may get delayed on mission start in multiplayer. Use BIS_fnc_listPlayers to obtain it earlier.
  • The order of the returned array may differ from server to clients.
MultiplayerObject Detection


Return Value:
Array of Objects


Example 1:
Get human players (i.e. all players excluding Headless Clients):
private _players = allPlayers - entities "HeadlessClient_F";
Example 2:
Get non-virtual players (i.e. all players excluding Virtual Entities):
private _players = allPlayers select {!(_x isKindOf "VirtualMan_F")};
Example 3:
{ systemChat format [ "Player %1 is %2", name _x, ["dead", "alive"] select alive _x ]; } forEach allPlayers;
Example 4:
private _bluforPlayers = blufor countSide allPlayers;

Additional Information

See also:
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