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Types text to the side radio channel by the specified unit.
The unit must have an assigned radio item (such as "ItemRadio") to see or transmit the messages. A radio item must have the property
simulation = "ItemRadio";
in its CfgWeapons config.
Radio and Chat


unit sideChat chatText
unit: Object - unit transmitting message
chatText: String - message to transmit
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

[side, identity] sideChat chatText
side: Side - side to which the message will be seen
identity: String - class name of one of the identities in CfgHQIdentities. Possible identities in Arma 3 are:
  • "Base"
  • "HQ"
  • "AirBase"
  • "BLU"
  • "OPF"
  • "IND"
  • "IND_G"
chatText: String - message to transmit
Return Value:


Example 1:
_soldierOne sideChat "Show this text";
Example 2:
[west, "HQ"] sideChat "Hi there";
Example 3:
driver vehicle player sideChat "sideChat"; driver vehicle player globalChat "globalChat"; driver vehicle player groupChat "groupChat"; vehicle player vehicleChat "vehicleChat"; driver vehicle player commandChat "commandChat"; driver vehicle player customChat [1, "customChat"]; systemChat "systemChat";
Example 4:
[[blufor, "BLU"], "message"] remoteExec ["sideChat"]; // shows the message to all players
Example 5:
unit setGroupId ["Cpt. Miller"]; // changes the group's callsign unit sideChat "Hello ladies!";

Additional Information

See also:
globalChat groupChat vehicleChat commandChat customChat systemChat sideRadio


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Ceeeb - c
Posted on Feb 12, 2007 - 04:31 (UTC)

In Operation Flashpoint v1.96, sideChat messages can be sent from two abstract sources: "Papa_Bear" and "Base FireFly".
Use sideChat on an array in the form [SIDE, "base"], [SIDE, "HQ"], [SIDE, "Papa_bear"] or [SIDE, "airbase"], where SIDE is the side broadcasting. "HQ", "base" and "Papa_bear" seem to be the same object. The callsign strings can be re-defined using a stringTable.csv file, using STR_CFG_PAPABEAR and STR_CFG_FIREFLYBASE.

Example :

[east, "base"] sideChat "Return to base!"