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Error types

Errors can be Normal, or DebugOnly. If it is DebugOnly, the error will only show when Arma 3 is in debug mode.

Errors can also occur with, or without context. This is additional information about where the error occurs to improve the experience of debugging. However, even if an error occurs, additional context for the error will only be shown if Arma 3 is in debug mode

Script errors

Error Type Description Example
Generic Error in Expression Normal The type of an argument to a command is incorrect.
A command that can only be run in a scheduled environment was instead run in an unscheduled environment (sleep, spawn)
Zero Divisor Normal A number was divided by 0
10 / 0
An array index was accessed that doesn't exist
[1,2,3] select 20
Attempt to override final function Normal A compileFinaled function was attempted to be overwritten
BIS_fnc_endMission = {systemChat "Trying to do bad things"}
getVariable called on null object DebugOnly getVariable was called on a null namespace
getVariable called on null group
Serialization of Control variables is not implemented Normal Control variables cannot be saved by the game when a mission is saved, as they are specific to the time it was loaded. This means that this error will occur if such an item is saved in missionNamespace or if any script using control variables didn't run the disableSerialization command first.
To fix this you can store Control values in uiNamespace instead and make sure that any scripts handling these variables have disableSerialization set.
cant_put_that_here = allControls (allDisplays # 0)

Stringtable errors

Error Type Description Example
Unsupported language English in stringtable Normal This happens if an entry was not found in the desired language e.g., English N/A

Config errors

Error Type Description Example
Cannot delete class xxxx, it is referenced somewhere (used as a base class probably) Normal This happens if you try and delete a config entry that is inherited by another class. For more info see delete N/A
Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButton... Normal Caused by inheriting from wrong config while modifiying an existing base class. Currently Arma 3 has a lot of these issues out of the box.