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Scripting is a very important tool used to create good missions or addons.

Most of the information found here can be generalized between many of the Bohemia Interactive games (mostly using the Real Virtuality engine). Game-specific material will be cited as such.

Real Virtuality Scripting
Terminology ArgumentIdentifierExpressionOperandOperatorsParameterStatementVariablesMagic VariablesFunction
Syntax SQF SyntaxSQS SyntaxOrder of PrecedenceControl Structures
Tutorials Introduction to Arma ScriptingCode Best PracticesExample CodeCode OptimisationMission OptimisationMultiplayer ScriptingSQS → SQF
Data Types General ArrayBooleanCodeConfigControlDiary RecordDisplayEden EntityEden IDEditor ObjectGroupHashMapLocationNamespaceNumberObjectScript Handle
SideStringStructured TextTaskTeamTeam MemberNaNAnythingNothingVoidSwitch TypeWhile TypeWith TypeFor TypeIf Type
Special Arrays Array of Eden EntitiesColorDateParticleArrayPositionUnit Loadout ArrayVector3DWaypoint
Scripting Commands Scripting CommandsScripting Commands by Functionality
Scripting Functions Scripting FunctionsFunctions by Functionality
Debugging Common Scripting ErrorsDebugging TechniquesException handling
Advanced Event ScriptsEvent HandlersPreProcessor CommandsInitialisation OrderPerformance Profiling


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