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Function Group Description Examples Only for #Functions / #Subcategories
Ambient Functions to fill a mission with life. BIS_fnc_ambientAnim, BIS_fnc_ambientFlyby 13
Arrays Functions to manipulate arrays. BIS_fnc_arrayInsert, BIS_fnc_arrayFindDeep 42 / 1
Bitwise Functions for bitwise operations and working with flags. BIS_fnc_bitwiseAND, BIS_fnc_decodeFlags8 Arma 3 17
Briefing Functions to create briefings. BIS_fnc_briefingAnimate, BIS_fnc_briefingInit 4
Broken Functions Functions which do not work or have no effect at all. - 23
Camera Functions to manipulate cameras. BIS_fnc_camera_deleted, BIS_fnc_camera_getFocus 16
Campaign Mostly functions used in the APEX Protocol campaign. Also see CampaignLobby and CampaignManager. BIS_fnc_EXP_camp_addTickets, BIS_fnc_isCampaign 19 / 2
Combat Functions used to manipulate AI in combat. BIS_fnc_fire, BIS_fnc_stalk 7
CombatPatrol Functions used in the Arma 3 MP Combat Patrol game mode. BIS_fnc_CPDummy, BIS_fnc_CPInit Arma 3 9
Communication Menu Functions used to add or remove entries from the communication menu. BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem, BIS_fnc_commsMenuToggleAvailability 7
Configs Functions to work with configs. BIS_fnc_getCfgSubClasses, BIS_fnc_getCfg 22
Contact Functions used in the Arma 3 Contact campaign. Many of them cannot be used ouside of the Contact DLC. BIN_fnc_inDangerZone, BIN_fnc_showSimpleNotification Arma 3 102 / 11
Conversations Functions used with Conversations. BIS_fnc_kbTell, BIS_fnc_kbMenu 14
Curator (Zeus) Curator (Zeus) related functions. For modules see Modules - Curator. BIS_fnc_curatorHint, BIS_fnc_isCurator Arma 3 38 / 1
Database Functions to create and change databases. BIS_fnc_dbClassId, BIS_fnc_dbSymbolClass Arma 3 and Take On Helicopters 22
Diagnostic Debug functions. BIS_fnc_debugConsoleExec, BIS_fnc_fps 77
Eden Editor Eden Editor related functions. BIS_fnc_3DENIntel, BIS_fnc_3DENTutorial Arma 3 29
Effects Functions to manipulate various effects like guns firing. BIS_fnc_effectFired, BIS_fnc_healthEffects Arma 3 15
Environment Functions to change the environment e.g., time, weather BIS_fnc_calculateDateTime, BIS_fnc_interpolateWeather 19
Event Handlers Functions to work with Event Handlers BIS_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler, BIS_fnc_onLoad 13
Feedback Functions used to give the player feedback about his status. BIS_fnc_bloodEffect, BIS_fnc_radialRed 14
GUI GUI related function. BIS_fnc_getIDC, BIS_fnc_ctrlSetScale 87
Interaction Functions to allow player to interact with objects. BIS_fnc_holdKey, BIS_fnc_keyHold 13
Inventory Inventory related functions. BIS_fnc_saveInventory, BIS_fnc_hasItem 36
KeyframeAnimation Functions related to the Arma 3 Key Frame Animation system. BIS_fnc_keyframeAnimation_deltaTime, BIS_fnc_keyframeAnimation_init Arma 3 9 / 9
Live Feed Functions related live feed system. BIS_fnc_liveFeed, BIS_fnc_liveFeedEffects Arma 3 5
Map and Markers Functions to be used with markers or the map. BIS_fnc_drawAO, BIS_fnc_blinkMarker 55
Math Math related functions. See also: Geometry, Interpolation and Vectors. BIS_fnc_pow, BIS_fnc_nearestNum 24 / 3
Mission Parameters Functions for Mission Parameters. BIS_fnc_getParamValue, BIS_fnc_initParams Arma 3 18
Missions Functions to get information about missions or manipulate the mission flow. BIS_fnc_singleMissionConfig, BIS_fnc_countdown 22
Modules Functions used by modules. Make sure to check the subcategories as well. Arma 3: Old Man Systems modules are in Function Group: Old Man. BIS_fnc_singleMissionConfig, BIS_fnc_countdown 121 / 6
Multiplayer Functions designed for multiplayer missions. BIS_fnc_admin, BIS_fnc_listPlayers 17
Object Manipulation Get or set various different properties of units, vehicles and other objects. Also check out the subcategories for very object specific functions. BIS_fnc_attachToRelative, BIS_fnc_neutralizeUnit 69 / 5
Old Man Functions used by the Arma 3 Apex: Old Man scenario. BIS_fnc_OM_credits, BIS_fnc_OM_init Arma 3 40 / 3
OO Function for Object Oriented (OO) scripting. BIS_fnc_addClassOO, BIS_fnc_createObjectOO Arma 3 3
Positions Functions to work with positions. BIS_fnc_position, BIS_fnc_buildingPositions 16
Priority Queue Functions to set up and manipulate a priority queue. BIS_fnc_priorityQueue_GetLowestPriority, BIS_fnc_priorityQueue_Init Arma 3 7
Program Flow Functions used to execute scripts or handle their flow. BIS_fnc_spawn, BIS_fnc_call 9
Radio Radio related functions. BIS_fnc_diagRadio, BIS_fnc_radioSetChannel Arma 3 and Take On Helicopters 4
Respawn Functions used to set up and manipulate the respawn functionality. See Arma 3: Respawn. BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory, BIS_fnc_respawnSeagull Arma 3 59
Revive Functions used to set up and manipulate the revive functionality. See Arma 3: Revive. BIS_fnc_disableRevive, BIS_fnc_reviveInit Arma 3 23
Rich Curve Functions used to work with rich curves. BIS_fnc_richCurve_getCurveLength, BIS_fnc_richCurve_getKeysAtTime Arma 3 29
Scenes Set up scenes with these funcitons. BIS_fnc_sceneAreaClearance, BIS_fnc_sceneMiscStuff 23
Scripts Scripts on these page usually only have one very specific functionality and usually can not be used for anything else. BIS_fnc_dataTerminalAnimate, BIS_fnc_lockedDoorOpen 26 / 1
Sides Side related functions. BIS_fnc_areFriendly, BIS_fnc_playerSideFaction 20
Sound Functions to play music or set up sounds. BIS_fnc_jukebox, BIS_fnc_music 13
Spectator An overview of functions used by the EG Spectator Mode. BIS_fnc_EGSpectator, BIS_fnc_EGSpectatorCamera Arma 3 11
Strategic Functions for the strategic map and ORBAT feature. BIS_fnc_ORBATOpen, BIS_fnc_strategicMapOpen Arma 3 12
Strings Functions to work with strings. BIS_fnc_filterString, BIS_fnc_splitString Arma 3 16
Supports Functions to set up support requests. BIS_fnc_addSupportLink, BIS_fnc_fireSupport 10
Systems Functions for various systems like Arma 3: Dynamic Groups. BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups, BIS_fnc_missionSelector 21
Tasks Functions to create tasks for player and AI. See Arma 3: Task Framework. BIS_fnc_taskAttack, BIS_fnc_taskSetType 34
Timeline Functions to create a timeline with events. BIS_fnc_timeline_init, BIS_fnc_timeline_isPaused Arma 3 32
Uncategorised Functions which have no defined category. N/A 0
Variables Compare and set variables. BIS_fnc_areEqual, BIS_fnc_setServerVariable 7
Vehicles Functions to work with vehicles. BIS_fnc_absSpeed, BIS_fnc_initVehicle 18
VR Functions used by the Virtual Reality missions from the Arma 3 Bootcamp update. Mostly FSMs. BIS_fnc_VRCourseBallistics1, BIS_fnc_VRCourseHeliWeapons2 Arma 3 55
Warlords Arma 3 MP Warlords functions. BIS_fnc_WLAICore, BIS_fnc_WLSendResponseTeam Arma 3 71
Waypoints Functions to work with waypoints. BIS_fnc_wpRelax, BIS_fnc_wpTimed 23
Weapons Weapon related functions. BIS_fnc_compatibleMagazines, BIS_fnc_weaponAddon 12


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