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Play given sentence/conversation. Script terminates itself when conversation is finished.
Conversation must be declared in Description.ext/CfgSentences.
This function can also be executed with call. Doing so will make it internally spawn since it needs to be able suspend its execution.


[topic, container, section, radioMode, code, speakers, soundVolume, radioProtocol] spawn BIS_fnc_kbTell
topic: String - topic name
container: String - (Optional, default missionName) container name (CfgSentences sub-category)
section: Array or String - (Optional, default "") section to be played. Elements can be:
  • String - "variant" - play specific variant
  • Array
    • [startingSentence(, endingSentence)] - play all sentences between specific start and end
      • startingSentence and endingSentence can be in format:
        • String - full sentence name (example: "04_intro_team_PLA_0")
        • Array - [<actorID>(, <sentenceID>)] (example: ["PLA", 0] or just ["PLA_0"])
        • Boolean - true to play random sentence, false to play first sentence
        • default - first sentence for startingSentence, last sentence for endingSentence
  • default: play everything
radioMode: Boolean, String, Object or Code - (Optional, default: false) can be:
code: Code or Array - (Optional, default { true }) can be:
  • Code - executed at the start of every sentence (arguments are same as in kbAddTopic event handler)
  • Array - code with arguments in format [code, arguments]
speakers: Array or Boolean - (Optional, default []) can be:
  • Array - replacement units for those defined in .bikb file (in chronological order)
  • Boolean - when true, dummy logics will be created for all actor units which doesn't exist (default: false or value of 'BIS_fnc_kbTell_createDummy' variable)
soundVolume: Number - (Optional, default 0.1) music and sound volumes will be multiplied by this value when conversation starts
radioProtocol: Boolean - (Optional, default true) true to disable radio protocol message while the conversation is playing
Return Value:


Example 1:
["01_Wave", "A_in", nil, "SIDE", nil, nil, 1, false] spawn BIS_fnc_kbTell;

Additional Information

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