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Create a custom radio channel with the given color, label, call sign and registered characters. The custom channel ID returned can be used to manipulate the created channel later. There are 10 slots for custom radio channels which would correspond to channels 6-15 (see getPlayerChannel). The command will find an unused index in this range and create it when found.
Radio and ChatCustom Radio and Chat


radioChannelCreate [color, label, callSign, units, sentenceType]
color: Array - RGBA color values
label: String - label
callSign: String - call sign - see radioChannelSetCallSign
units: Array - list of units in the channel
sentenceType: Boolean - (Optional, default true)
Return Value:
Number - created custom channel ID (used in customChat command), 0 if failed


Example 1:
_channelID = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player1, player2]];
Example 2:
_channelID = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], "Q-dance Radio", "%UNIT_NAME", [player1, player2], true]; // using true also disables automatic quotes for chat in channel (Arma 3)
Example 3:
Create custom channel and add all players to it, present and JIP:
if (isServer) then { private _channelName = "Q-dance Radio"; private _channelID = radioChannelCreate [[0.96, 0.34, 0.13, 0.8], _channelName, "%UNIT_NAME", []]; if (_channelID == 0) exitWith {diag_log format ["Custom channel '%1' creation failed!", _channelName]}; [_channelID, {_this radioChannelAdd [player]}] remoteExec ["call", [0, -2] select isDedicated, _channelName]; };

Additional Information

See also:
radioChannelAdd radioChannelRemove radioChannelSetCallSign radioChannelSetLabel customChat customRadio setCurrentChannel currentChannel enableChannel channelEnabled getPlayerChannel radioChannelInfo


Report bugs on the Feedback Tracker and/or discuss them on the Arma Discord or on the Forums.
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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Jan 21, 2016 - 13:30 (UTC)
Make sure you add all units you intend to speak or receive messages on created custom channel to the channel.
Hypoxic125 - c
Posted on Nov 01, 2022 - 06:38 (UTC)
Units are removed from the chat channel on RESPAWN. Be sure to add units back to their custom chat channels upon respawn via onPlayerRespawn.sqf or Respawn Event Handler.