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Logs an error message and shows an ingame error message. The message is shown when either of the following is true:

Output format:

  • In multiplayer (isMultiplayer) the function will add the profileName in front of the message
  • If _fnc_error_exit is set to true before the function call, the log message will display HALT: instead of ERROR:
  • If function is called from within another function, the name of the parent function will be displayed. This can be overwritten by setting _fnc_scriptName to a custom value
allowFunctionsLog has to be set to 1 in Description.ext for this function to have any effect.


[message, param1, ..., paramN] call BIS_fnc_error
message: String - (formatted) logged message
param1..paramN: Anything - (Optional) format arguments, if any
Return Value:
Array in format: [message, param1..paramN]


Example 1:
["Player is too far away (%1 metres)", round (player distance [0, 0, 0])] call BIS_fnc_error;
Example 2:
// some useful function cases if (!isServer) exitWith { ["This function must run on the server"] call BIS_fnc_error }; if (!hasInterface) exitWith { ["This function must not run on a headless machine"] call BIS_fnc_error }; if (!local _vehicle) exitWith { ["This function must run on the vehicle owner's machine"] call BIS_fnc_error };
Example 3:
// Change rpt log to "HALT" indicating that function exited private _fnc_error_exit = true; if (exitHere) exitWith { "Some error message!" call BIS_fnc_error; // Output in rpt: "log: HALT: [BIS_fnc_debugConsoleExec] Some error message!" };
Example 4:
private _fnc_scriptName = "My_Awesome_Custom_Function"; "Some error message!" call BIS_fnc_error; // Output in rpt: "log: ERROR: [My_Awesome_Custom_Function] Some error message!"

Additional Information

See also:
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