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Sets AI group combat mode (engagement rules). For individual unit's combat mode see setUnitCombatMode. Mode may be one of the following:
  • "BLUE" : Never fire, keep formation
  • "GREEN" : Hold fire, keep formation
  • "WHITE" : Hold fire, engage at will/loose formation
  • "YELLOW" : Fire at will, keep formation
  • "RED" : Fire at will, engage at will/loose formation
See Combat Modes for more information on combat modes.
GroupsAI Behaviour


group setCombatMode mode
group: Group or Object - if the argument is unit Object, unit's current group is used.
mode: String - see description
Return Value:


Example 1:
_group1 setCombatMode "BLUE";

Additional Information

See also:
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.kju - c
Posted on Jan 01, 2020 - 07:35 (UTC)
  • Combat mode can only be changed via scripting/waypoints - not by player radio commands for an AI group.

  • "Engage at will" means AI can form subgroups and break off to engage known or assigned enemies. These AI will then act largely on their own.
  • As player one can use the "engage at will" radio command to achieve the same/similar behavior. However this will not change the unit's combat mode. Yet one can override the "keep/loose formation" status of combat mode with radio commands.

  • "Never fire" means AI will actually never fire. Whereas under "Hold fire", AI will shoot back if getting fired upon, hostiles get too close, or they get a target explicitly assigned by the (sub)group leader.
  • As player, one can override the fire status with radio commands ("Hold fire", "Open fire", "Fire"). However this will not change the unit's combat mode.
  • "Never fire"/combat mode blue cannot be overridden by group leader target assignment. One needs to command "Open fire" or switch to a different combat mode (with "Hold fire") to be able to do so.

  • Applying combat mode blue, clears the attack target commands from AI subgroups. Might be useful in combination with doFollow/commandFollow. Note: It will not affect assignedTargets.