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Enable / disable showing of HUD. Defines visibility of weapon crosshair and any informational tags that appear when pointing the weapon at an object as well as availability of the default action menu. Unfortunately, it also hides icons drawn with drawIcon3D.
Arma 3
Since Arma 3 v1.50 there is a Description.ext's showHUD[] array param that is identical in format to the extended showHUD command.

When present, it will disable showHUD command entirely, allowing mission makers to permanently alter visibility of some HUD elements.
Since Arma 3 v2.04 it is possible to force drawing of drawIcon3D icons when HUD is hidden. The icons will also show when custom camera is created and the view is switched to it via switchCamera or cameraEffect provided cameraEffectEnableHUD is enabled.

For more information see drawIcon3D.


showHUD enable
enable: Boolean
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

showHUD [scriptedHUD, info, radar, compass, direction, menu, group, cursors, panels, kills, showIcon3D]
scriptedHUD: Boolean - show scripted HUD such as weapon crosshair, action menu and overlays created with cutRsc and titleRsc. Same as showHUD's first syntax
info: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show vehicle, soldier and weapon info
radar: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show vehicle radar
compass: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show vehicle compass
direction: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show tank direction indicator. Not present in vanilla Arma 3
menu: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show commanding menu (HC related menus)
group: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show group info bar (Squad leader info bar)
cursors: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show HUD weapon cursors (connected with scripted HUD)
since Arma 3 logo black.png1.70
panels: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show Arma 3: Custom Info
kills: Boolean - (Optional, default true) show "x killed by y" systemChat messages
since Arma 3 logo black.png2.04
showIcon3D: Boolean (Optional, default false) - show icons drawn with drawIcon3D even when the HUD is hidden
Return Value:


Example 1:
showHUD false;
Example 2:
Hide vehicle radar and compass:
showHUD [ true, // scriptedHUD true, // info true, // radar true, // compass true, // direction true, // menu true, // group true, // cursors true, // panels true, // kills true // showIcon3D ];
Example 3:
Check if HUD visibility is hardcoded in mission config and showHUD command is overridden:
private _disabledShowHUD = isArray (missionConfigFile >> "showHUD");

Additional Information

See also:
shownHUD showCinemaBorder showSubtitles showWatch showRadio showMap showGPS showCompass showPad


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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Aug 17, 2015 - 19:08 (UTC)
The "cursors" parameter controls visibility of the action menu as well as weapon cursors. However if 1st param "hud" hides and disables action menu, param "cursors" only hides it. So you get invisible action menu that is fully operational. inGameUISetEventHandler will still fire on interaction, giving the information about selected item on the action menu even if you cannot see it. Unfortunately it also hides icons drawn with drawIcon3D.
Posted on Mar 01, 2020 - 14:33 (UTC)
showHUD false;
removes Contact's compass that is shown at the top of the screen.