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Returns an object's rendered position (z value above surface underneath) in render time scope. Same as getPosVisual.
This command should not be used for actual 3D calculations. See getPos for more details.
PositionsRender Time Scope


visiblePosition object
object: Object - name of the object
Return Value:


Example 1:
playerRenderedPos = visiblePosition player;

Additional Information

See also:
getPosVisual getPosATLVisual getPosASLVisual getPosWorldVisual visiblePositionASL position getPos getPosATL getPosASL getPosASLW


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Leopard20 - c
Posted on Jan 26, 2022 - 15:15 (UTC)
Note that this command returns the position in AGLS format (Z is measured from the nearest surface below). For example the value of Z is 0 even if the object is resting on top of a building.
For use with draw commands, such as drawIcon3D, an AGL position is needed. The following alternatives can be used, depending on where the icon is intended to be shown:
ASLToAGL getPosWorldVisual _object // object center in model coordinates, i.e [0,0,0] ASLToAGL getPosASLVisual _object // object land contact (e.g. floor of a building) unitAimPositionVisual _object // object's aiming position, i.e where the AI aim at, such as a soldier's chest _object modelToWorldVisual _relativePos // custom position in model coordinates. if _relativePos is [0,0,0], it'll be the same as ASLToAGL getPosWorldVisual _object