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Forces a unit to turn towards and walk to provided destination(s). Will not work on player. When Group is used as argument, the function will be automatically executed for each unit in the group.
When using endAnim, make sure it is able to break walkAnim (not all animations are compatible). When code is executed, it receives the following params: [unit, waypoints, currentIndex, userArgs].
Object Manipulation


[unitOrGroup, waypoints, code, walkAnim, completionRadius, endAnim] call BIS_fnc_scriptedMove
unitOrGroup: Object or Group - unit or group of units of the class "Man"
waypoints: Array of Positions in format [pos1, pos2, ...] or [[pos1, completionRadius1, turnSpeedCoef1], [pos2, completionRadius2, turnSpeedCoef2], ...]
code: Code or Array - (Optional, default {}) code to run after each waypoint completion. Format {code} or [[params], {code}]
walkAnim: String - (Optional, default "AmovPercMwlkSnonWnonDf") walking animation to be played in a loop
completionRadius: Number - (Optional, default 0.5) how far from waypoint center to consider waypoint completion. Global value. The completionRadius given with individual waypoint position overrides global value
turnSpeedCoef: Number - (Optional, default 1.0) how quickly the unit turns towards next waypoint (fast 0.1 ... 10 slow). The turnSpeedCoef given with individual waypoint position overrides global value
endAnim: Number - (Optional, default animationState of the unit prior to function execution) when unit reaches last point, this is the animation to be played immediately. Use "" to let last walkAnim run in full
Return Value:
Script Handle or String or Nothing - depends on execution (local/remote/error);


Example 1:
[myUnit, [getMarkerPos "wp1", getMarkerPos "wp2", getMarkerPos "wp3"]] call BIS_fnc_scriptedMove;

Additional Information

See also:
move setDriveOnPath BIS_fnc_unitCapture


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