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Affected by Not affected by
  • terrain grid
  • obstacles
  • particles
    (with blockAIVisibility = 1)

Checks if one position is visible from another position and how much.

Particles that have blockAIVisibility set to 1 will influence the result, but will never make checkVisibility return 0; an extremely small number will be returned instead.
Math - Geometry


[ignore, LOD, ignore2] checkVisibility [beg, end]
ignore: Object - object to exclude from calculations
LOD: String - level of details to use. Possible values are: "FIRE", "VIEW", "GEOM", "IFIRE", and Arma 3 logo black.png2.02 "PHYSX"
since Arma 3 logo black.png1.62
ignore2: Object - (Optional, default objNull) second object to exclude from calculations
beg: Array - start position in format PositionASL
end: Array - end position in format PositionASL
Return Value:
Number - how much end position is visible to start position in range 0..1, where 1 is fully visible.


Example 1:
private _canSee = [objNull, "VIEW"] checkVisibility [eyePos player, eyePos unit1];

Additional Information

See also:
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