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Checks for object intersection with a virtual line between two positions.
  • Does not work under water.
  • Max harcoded distance is 1000m.
Math - Geometry


lineIntersects [begPos, endPos, objIgnore1, objIgnore2]
begPos: Array format PositionASL
endPos: Array format PositionASL
objIgnore1: Object - (Optional, default objNull) object to ignore. When testing intersection from an object/unit/vehicle, pass that object here to prevent intersection inside of the object
objIgnore2: Object - (Optional, default objNull) another object to ignore. When testing intersection of a line between two objects, pass the second object here to prevent intersection inside of it being reported
Return Value:
Boolean - true if an intersection happens with an object (not with terrain)


Example 1:
private _hasStraightLineToChopper = lineIntersects [eyePos player, aimPos chopper, player, chopper];

Additional Information

See also:
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