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Adds a point guarded by the given side (scripted way of adding equivalent of "GUARDED BY" trigger in Editor). A closest AI group in the given side with assigned "GUARD" waypoint will attempt to secure this guard point. The actual guarded position is determined via the following rules:
  • Given "position" is always considered. It could be Object, Group, Position2D or Position3D. In every case, z coordinate will be ignored and point will be placed on nearest surface.
  • If "objectMapID" is not negative, the position of the object with the given ID is used (Overrides "position"). -1 to ignore this argument. z of the object position will be intact.
  • If the given "vehicle" is valid, the position of the vehicle is extracted and guarded (Overrides both "position" and "objectMapID"). objNull to ignore. z of the vehicle position will be intact.
To be used with "GUARD" waypoint.
To know how does the "GUARD" waypoint work, see Waypoint:Guard.


createGuardedPoint [side, position, objectMapID, vehicle]
side: Side - the side which will be guarding
position: Object, Group, Position2D or Position3D
objectMapID: Number - static id of map object. -1 to ignore
vehicle: Object - vehicle to be used for position. objNull to ignore
Return Value:


Example 1:
createGuardedPoint [east, [0,0], -1, vehicle player];

Additional Information

See also:
createTrigger addWaypoint setWaypointType


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