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Adds an event handler to the given display. See User Interface Event Handlers for the full list of event names. If applicable, see DIK_KeyCodes for a list of key code constants, which are relevant to key related user interface events like: KeyDown & KeyUp.
Display EHs are processed from last to first added; an input override should be set up in the first added EH.
The event handler ID can be accessed inside the event handler code using the _thisEventHandler magic variable.
GUI Control - Event HandlersEvent Handlers


display displayAddEventHandler [eventName, code]
display: Display
eventName: String - event name
When using the event names listed here with the ctrlAddEventHandler, ctrlSetEventHandler, displayAddEventHandler or displaySetEventHandler commands, the prefix "on" in the event name must be removed (e.g. 'ButtonDown' instead of 'onButtonDown').
code: String or Arma 3 logo black.png1.06 Code - the code which gets executed when event is triggered. Returning true in event handler code will override default engine handling for keyboard events.
Return Value:
Number - index of the newly added event handler or -1 if creation failed


Example 1:
moduleName_keyDownEHId = findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "hint str _this;"];
Example 2:
moduleName_keyDownEHId = findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { hint str _this }];

Additional Information

See also:
disableSerialization displayRemoveAllEventHandlers displayRemoveEventHandler displaySetEventHandler ctrlAddEventHandler UI Event Handlers findDisplay DIK Key Codes keyName


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Posted on Mar 10, 2014 - 14:52 (UTC)
From within an Addon, you must assign the events from a spawned script. e.g.
[] spawn { findDisplay 46 displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "_this call my_KeyDownFunctionhandler"]; };
Posted on Jan 22, 2016 - 08:15 (UTC)
Be sure to wait until the main display is initialized before using this command by using:
Posted on May 28, 2017 - 11:32 (UTC)
use #define if you want the displayEventHandler to use data that is defined in the same file in which the command is executed. However, that does not work if you use String as 'code'. In case of String, use the format command around it.
Posted on Aug 07, 2017 - 15:08 (UTC)

Using KeyUp you can't override default engine action by returning true

Posted on Jun 26, 2021 - 16:17 (UTC)
To prevent a display from getting closed by pressing ESC, add the following event handler.
#include "\a3\ui_f\hpp\definedikcodes.inc" _display displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", { params ["", "_key"]; _key == DIK_ESC; // ESC pressed while dialog is open, overwrite default behaviour }];