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Sets a guided munition target position. The munition must have manualControl config entry to use this command. The target position has to be inside the missile's configured targeting cone for the command to work.
Object ManipulationWeapons


munition setMissileTargetPos position
munition: Object
position: Array format PositionATL
Return Value:


Example 1:
missile1 setMissileTargetPos unitAimPosition tank1;
Example 2:
private _missile = createVehicle ["M_Scalpel_AT", player modelToWorld [0,0,100], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _missile setMissileTargetPos (player modelToWorld [0,100,0]);

Additional Information

See also:
missileTargetPos setMissileTarget missileTarget missileState


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Benargee - c
Posted on Apr 13, 2020 - 06:04 (UTC)
To get list of compatible missiles with manualControl = 1, use the below script and paste the clipboard results to a text editor.
private _cfgCount = count (configfile >> "CfgAmmo"); private _pasteStr = ""; for "_x" from 0 to (_cfgCount - 1) do { _cfg = (configFile >> "CfgAmmo") select _x; _ammoClassName = configName _cfg; private _manCtrl = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _ammoClassName >> "manualControl"); if (_manCtrl > 0) then { _pasteStr = _pasteStr + _ammoClassName + endl; }; }; copyToClipboard _pasteStr;
Lou Montana - c
Posted on Aug 12, 2022 - 22:06 (UTC)
Tested with a player-controlled AH-99 firing DAGR, a civilian helicopter named heli above water/land, and the following code:
if (!isNil "EH") then { vehicle player removeEventHandler ["Fired", EH]; }; EH = vehicle player addEventHandler ["Fired", { params ["_unit", "_weapon", "_muzzle", "_mode", "_ammo", "_magazine", "_missile", "_gunner"]; _missile setMissileTargetPos getPosATL heli; // changing here getPosATL / getPosASL / getPos systemChat str [_missile, missileTarget _missile, missileTargetPos _missile]; }];