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Controls whether a lamp is lit or not.
Arma 3
This command was originally designed to only work with CfgNonAIVehicles class "StreetLamp" only. Since Arma 3 v1.92 this command was extended to work with street lights and some prop lights, like portable construction light.


lamp switchLight mode
lamp: Object
mode: String - mode can be: "ON", "OFF" or "AUTO" (lamp is on only during nighttime, default)
Return Value:


Example 1:
(object 12345) switchLight "OFF";
Example 2:
nearestObject [player, "Streetlamp"] switchLight "OFF";
Example 3:
cursorObject switchLight "ON";

Additional Information

See also:
lightIsOn BIS_fnc_switchLamp


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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Sep 16, 2013 - 11:14 (UTC)
Before Arma 3 v1.92 use setHit instead:
_lamp = nearestObject [player, "Lamps_base_F"]; _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0.97]; // off _lamp setHit ["light_1_hitpoint", 0]; // on
Switch all lights off in the 500 radius of player:
private _lamps = nearestObjects [player, ["Lamps_base_F", "PowerLines_base_F", "PowerLines_Small_base_F"], 500]; { for "_i" from 0 to (count getAllHitPointsDamage _x -1) do { _x setHitIndex [_i, 0.97]; }; } forEach _lamps;
Samatra - c
Posted on Mar 01, 2023 - 14:12 (UTC)
How to disable all lamps using the latest Arma 3 commands, a modern method. Disable all lights that are pre-placed on the map, on the entire map:
{ _x switchLight "OFF"; } forEach (1 allObjects 0);
Disable all script-spawned and editor-placed lamps:
{ _x switchLight "OFF"; } forEach (8 allObjects 0);
These snippets iterate through all buildings and run switchLight on them. If they're lamps, they'll be turned off.