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Remotely forces a unit to fire the given weapon. See also BIS_fnc_fire.
Unit ControlWeapons


sourceVehicle fireAtTarget [targetVehicle, weaponMuzzleName]
sourceVehicle: Object - source vehicle to fire from
targetVehicle: Object - target vehicle to fire at
weaponMuzzleName: String - (Optional) weapon muzzle classname, optional parameter
Return Value:
Boolean - true if fired, false if not


Example 1:
_handle = this fireAtTarget [groundtarget1, "HellfireLauncher"];
Example 2:
_handle = Igla_AA_pod_TK_EP1 fireAtTarget [_helicopter, currentWeapon Igla_AA_pod_TK_EP1];
Example 3:
_handle = Igla_AA_pod_TK_EP1 fireAtTarget [helicopter];

Additional Information

See also:
fire doFire commandFire canFire forceWeaponFire commandArtilleryFire commandSuppressiveFire doArtilleryFire doSuppressiveFire isManualFire aimedAtTarget BIS_fnc_fire


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Dwarden - c
Posted on Sep 16, 2010 - 08:17 (UTC)
Most likely only for missiles and for interaction with player only.
ffur2007slx2_5 - c
Posted on Apr 08, 2014 - 16:50 (UTC)

(Arma 3 1.14) Source vehicle is only limited to manned vehicle while any other types won’t be able to active fireAtTarget handle, e.g.

_handle = _infantryUnit fireAtTarget [_infantryTarget, weapons _infantryUnit select 0]; // false & no bullet shoot
Target has no limitation and can be any object:
_handle = (vehicle _veh) fireAtTarget [objNull, weapons (vehicle _veh) select 0]; // true & a bullet shoot
Handle returns false if weapon class name is inaccurate, e.g.
_handle = (vehicle _veh) fireAtTarget [ObjNull, "UnknownWeapon"]; // false & no bullet shoot
Handle still returns true even though the vehicle is unavailable to shoot any bullet:
_weapon = weapons (vehicle _veh) select 0; (vehicle _veh) setAmmo [_weapon, 0]; _handle = (vehicle _veh) fireAtTarget [objNull, _weapon]; // true & no bullet shoot


command Source Target Behavior Workaround templets
fire Either unit or manned vehicle N/A Fired aiming at air for infantry rifle Together with selectWeapon,

suggested to work with "throw","put" weapon type for infantry, or vehicle entity indeed.

fireAtTarget Manned vehicle only Any object Normal shoot, won’t aim at target automatically

_veh doWatch _target; waitUntil { _veh aimedAtTarget [_target] > 0 }; _veh fireAtTarget [_target];

forceWeaponFire Either unit or manned aircraft (weapon operator) N/A Normal shoot, can change fire mode

// e.g. unit won't shoot until he is facing the target _unit doWatch _tar; waitUntil { _dir = direction _unit; _relative = [_unit,_tar] call BIS_fnc_relativeDirTo; if (_dir == _relative) exitWith { _unit forceWeaponFire [currentWeapon _unit, "single"]; }; false };

doFire Unit only Either unit or vehicle automatic aiming and shooting No special example.
commandFire Unit only Either unit or vehicle automatic aiming and shooting No special example.
action ["UseWeapon"] Either unit or manned vehicle N/A unexpected behavior N/A