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Tests whether a variable is nil or undefined from its identifier, or whether the given expression evaluates to nil or Nothing.
Operation Flashpoint
This command does not exist in Operation Flashpoint/Arma: Cold War Assault but can be emulated (see Example 5).

Syntax 1

isNil variableName
variableName: String - missionNamespace's or local variable's identifier (e.g "globalVariable", "_localVariable")
Return Value:
Boolean - true if variable is nil or undefined

Syntax 2

isNil code
code: Code - code to evaluate:
  • the code will be executed; isNil { player setDamage 1 }; will kill the player
  • the code will not be allowed to suspend while expression is evaluated, even if the parent scope allows it (see Example 4).
Return Value:
Boolean - true if code returns Nothing, false otherwise

Syntax 3

namespace isNil variableName
namespace: Namespace, Object, Group or HashMap
variableName: String
Return Value:
Boolean - true if variable is nil or undefined


Example 1:
if (isNil "TAG_globalVariable") then { TAG_globalVariable = 0 }; if (isNil "_localVariable") then { hint "_localVariable is nil" };
Example 2:
isNil { player getVariable "someVar" };
Example 3:
_myArray = [0, 1]; isNil { _myArray select 0 }; // returns false isNil { _myArray select 1 }; // returns false isNil { _myArray select 2 }; // returns true isNil { _myArray select 3 }; // throws a script error. only length+1 select is allowed
Example 4:
This trick forces executing something in Unscheduled Environment:
0 spawn { systemChat str canSuspend; // chat shows true isNil { hint str canSuspend }; // hint shows false };
Example 5:
Operation Flashpoint String comparison workaround
SQS Syntax:
_nil = format ["%1", _undefinedVariable] ? (format ["%1", variableToTest] == _nil) : hint "variableToTest is nil"
SQF Syntax:
_nil = format ["%1", _undefinedVariable]; if (format ["%1", variableToTest] == _nil) then { hint "variableToTest is nil" };

Additional Information

See also:
nil Variables Scheduler


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