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Returns the Data Type of an expression. The type is returned as on of the following all-uppercase strings:

They represent the available Data Types in Arma.

Arma 3
For type comparison, use isEqualType command instead.


typeName anything
anything: Anything
Return Value:


Example 1:
_msg = "hello"; _result = typeName _msg; //_result will be "STRING"
Example 2:
_unit = player; _result = typeName _unit; //_result becomes "OBJECT"
Example 3:
Values representing direct Data Types:
hint typeName 0; // SCALAR hint typeName ""; // STRING hint typeName true; // BOOL hint typeName []; // ARRAY hint typeName {}; // CODE hint typeName scriptNull; // SCRIPT (since Arma 3 v1.32) hint typeName objNull; // OBJECT hint typeName grpNull; // GROUP hint typeName controlNull; // CONTROL hint typeName teamMemberNull; // TEAM_MEMBER hint typeName displayNull; // DISPLAY hint typeName taskNull; // TASK hint typeName locationNull; // LOCATION hint typeName sideUnknown; // SIDE hint typeName text ""; // TEXT hint typeName configFile; // CONFIG hint typeName configNull; // CONFIG (since Arma 3 v1.54) hint typeName missionNamespace; // NAMESPACE hint typeName diaryRecordNull; // DIARY_RECORD (since Arma 3 v2.00) hint typeName createHashMap; // HASHMAP (since Arma 3 v2.02)
Example 4:
if (typeName _this != "ARRAY") exitWith { hint "_this is not an array!" }; // is the same as if (typeName _this != typeName []) exitWith { hint "_this is not an array!" }; // same result but faster in Arma 3 if !(_this isEqualType []) exitWith { hint "_this is not an array!" };

Additional Information

See also:
isEqualTypeAll isEqualType isEqualTypeParams isEqualTypeArray isEqualTypeAny typeOf isKindOf isClass isArray isNumber isText isNil isNull


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Killzone_Kid - c
Posted on Sep 25, 2016 - 11:14 (UTC)
typeName of nil is ANY, however this is not possible to test as script command is just ignored when any argument is nil.