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Real Virtuality games' AI groups all work the same way with vehicles. Aside from game-specific commands, this page applies from Operation Flashpoint to Arma 3.


  • A group has a "vehicle pool" that is an array of vehicles it can use. A group can "own" multiple vehicles.
  • A vehicle can be in the vehicle pool of multiple groups at once. A vehicle itself has no "group pool".
  • A vehicle can be added to a group with addVehicle.
  • A vehicle can be assigned (added) to a group with none of its units assigned to any of its vehicle role.
    • A group leader will most likely assign its units to the vehicle if need be.
  • A unit can be unassigned from its role from a vehicle with unassignVehicle. However, as the vehicle itself remains in the group's vehicle pool, the leader may at one point order the unit back in (a) seat.
    • To prevent a unit from being reassigned, allowGetIn can be used.
  • A vehicle can be removed from the group's vehicle pool with leaveVehicle, unassigning any units from their role in the process.

AI Decisions

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  • The AI choosing what vehicle to use based on the vehicle's cost value. The distance from the vehicle may also play a role.
  • When deciding whether to board a vehicle, AI leaders seem to only consider the transport benefit of a vehicle, ignoring any combat benefits the vehicle may provide.
  • An AI group leader can be forced to order his group to board the specified vehicle with orderGetIn true. Setting to false will cancel the order, but the AI will first enter to get out again immediately thereafter. To immediately (potentially temporarily) halt the AI moving to the vehicle one can use allowGetIn false.
  • When a vehicle is added this way, it can appear as a target for the enemy - even if the vehicle currently has no crew.Clarify
  • If used on a vehicle already driven by a member of another group, the driver will continue under his own group's orders, which may not benefit the addVehicle'd group.
  • Seems to have no affect on AI under player command - at least as long as the player remains the GL.Clarify


Assign/MoveIn Commands (Unit specific)

assign setter commands moveIn setter commands assign getter commands

Other Commands (Group specific)

Shared Commands

  • fullCrew Since Arma 3 logo black.png2.12 the output of the command includes vehicle's assigned units

from assignedVehicle

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  • The assignment happens via the various assignAsXXX/moveInXXX commands, or player/AI GL getIn radio commands, getIn waypoint, or when units start in vehicles or get moved in to a vehicle by Zeus/via Eden.
  • addVehicle indirectly may also add the vehicle, however only if an AI GL assigns vehicle roles (which depends on various things).
  • vehicle returns the current vehicles an AI is in, while with assignedVehicle the AI may not (yet) be in the said vehicle (still in transit or held of by waypoints or other SQF commands).
  • To make AI under AI GL enter a vehicle, use orderGetIn true.
  • While unassignVehicle works, if the group is under AI command, the AI GL may re-assign the vehicle immediately. To stop the AI from re-entering at least, use orderGetIn or allowGetIn false, or permanently remove the assignment vi a leaveVehicle.
  • For player GL lead AI assignedVehicle seems not to be really reliable/behaves strange. Disembark radio command seems to unassign though.

from assignedVehicleRole

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  • When an unit enters a vehicle crew position, it gets assigned the vehicle role automatically for the given crew position.
  • The unit does not have to be in the vehicle when getting the role assignment (ie via assignAsXXX or human/AI GL getIn radio commands).
  • GL getIn radio commands result in instant assignment - the unit does not yet have to occupy the crew position.
  • Dying units will let go of the assigned role after a few seconds - seems the delay is independent of being in the vehicle or not.
  • An unit will hold on to its assigned role after exiting the vehicle.
  • One has to use unassignVehicle (and stop an AI GL to assign vehicle positions again) or leaveVehicle to remove the assignment - or assigned to another vehicle.
  • A vehicle position/role can only be assigned to one unit at a time. So even when not (visually) occupied, the "seat" may be blocked/reserved by another unit.
  • A player can still get into the vehicle position already assigned if not already taken, or switch seats with AI (if leader or effectiveCommander for those AI).

from unassignVehicle

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  • Important is to understand the basic system first:
  1. addVehicle creates a vehicle pool for the AI group to use.
  2. leaveVehicle removes a vehicle from the pool (and makes AI disembark when in that vehicle).
  3. However there is also assignedVehicle. This is about the current vehicle in use essentially. The assignment happens via the various assignAsXXX/moveInXXX commands, or player/AI GL getIn radio commands, getIn waypoint, or when units start in vehicles or get moved in to a vehicle by Zeus/via Eden.
  4. So the idea of unassignVehicle is to remove the current vehicle in use.
  5. However as long as the vehicle is still part of the vehicle pool of the group the AI GL may order the AI to re-enter the vehicle immediately.
  6. To stop this from happening, one can use orderGetIn/allowGetIn false to (temporarily) disallow the AI from entering any vehicle.
  • If you use leaveVehicle on an AI group not in the vehicle, only the AI GL will get the vehicle removed from assignedVehicle. However when you now apply unassignVehicle on the whole group, it will stick/the AI GL not order to re-enter immediately - as the AI GL no longer has the vehicle in his pool for the group.
  • For player GL lead AI, the command removes the assignment. However it won't make the AI disembark the vehicle.

from orderGetIn

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  • The command has no effect on AI lead by a player Group Leader (GL)
  • A vehicle needs be assigned via addVehicle or assignAsXXX or moveInXXX first for the command to have any effect. orderGetIn true makes the AI to board the vehicle. Or the AI GL orders them due to other means (ie getIn, guard waypoints).
  • However one can initially set orderGetIn false, add one or more vehicles and only once/when the AI is to enter, you set orderGetIn true for AI to start moving to the vehicle(s) or getting in the vehicle(s).
  • orderGetIn false makes AI also leave a vehicle when inside already. However it does not affect assignedVehicleRole nor assignedVehicle. Only leaveVehicle will remove both
  • orderGetIn false even makes AI eject while the vehicle positions are locked ((lockDriver, lockTurret, lockCargo - however orderGetIn true will not override the position lock to make them enter
  • AI units on the way to enter the vehicle won't stop on the way if orderGetIn false set but continue to the vehicle and just stop short without entering - allowGetIn false instead will make the AI stop instantly (same as unassignVehicle when combined with orderGetIn false)
  • One can combine orderGetIn false and allowGetIn false to manage when exactly AI is to enter vehicles
  • orderGetIn is persistent/a general group behavior setting - don't forget previous changes with future vehicle use!
  • If you want to make a vehicle no longer used by a group, you need to remove the vehicle from the group's vehicle pool via leaveVehicle.

Dis/Embarking Behaviour

Courtesy of ffur2007slx2_5
Command Remote Control Behaviour Role Unassigning
orderGetIn Unchecked orderGetIn won't take effect on player controlled AI units, and which needs to be used together with assaignAs command family. Generally speaking, orderGetIn is a Role Excuator. When orderGetIn was disabled it won't automatically unassign unit's vehicle role but will force the unit get out of the vehicle and stop him re-entering until it was enabled again. orderGetIn false won't stop a unit when he is embarking a vehicle in the half way but unassignVehicle will do. orderGetIn false will wait to fire until the unit enter a vehicle.
allowGetIn Unchecked allowGetIn won't take effect on player controlled AI units. Different from orderGetIn, this command is a Role Holder, it can control the unit's movement in the half way set by orderGetIn but not by setWaypointType, unit will be forced to get out from a vehicle by allowGetIn false and won't automatically re-enter the vehicle until allowGetIn true allowGetIn won't do anything with unit's vehicle role
doGetOut Checked Works on player controlled ai silently, unit will automatically get back to the vehicle after disembarkation. (Unit won't get out until vehicle is stopped or landed) false
commandGetOut Checked Same as doGetOut with radio message. (Unit won't get out until vehicle is stopped or landed) false
leaveVehicle Unchecked leaveVehicle can't force a player controlled AI disembark true
action ["GetOut", _veh] Checked Eject immediately without parachute false
action ["Eject", _veh] Checked Eject immediately with parachute if needed false
setWaypointType "GETIN" Unchecked Waypoint won't be affected by orderGetIn false or allowGetIn false until the unit is on the vehicle. N/A