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Creates a new Group for the given Side. Using this command if the group limit is reached will return grpNull. The new Group exists globally, but it's locality is where this command was executed.
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Group auto-deletion Unchecked Checked
Group limit per side 63 144 288
Arma 3
  • createCenter usage is not needed anymore as all centers are automatically created.
  • When the last unit leaves its group, the group usually gets immediately auto-deleted, regardless of its auto-deletion setting.


createGroup side
side: Side
Return Value:
Group - grpNull if the group limit is reached

Alternative Syntax

createGroup [side, deleteWhenEmpty]
side: Side
deleteWhenEmpty: Boolean - true to delete the group when empty.
  • If set to true, forces a group to get deleted when empty - it does not prevent its deletion by other commands when set to false.
  • Deletion may take up to a minute after the last unit is removed.
Return Value:
Group - grpNull if the group limit is reached


Example 1:
private _group = createGroup east;
Example 2:
private _group = createGroup [east, true];

Additional Information

See also:
deleteGroup deleteGroupWhenEmpty isGroupDeletedWhenEmpty group setGroupId groupID units groupFromNetId netId leader selectLeader join createCenter createUnit createVehicle Side


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.kju - c
Posted on Jan 04, 2011 - 10:19 (UTC)
A group created with createGroup will get a waypoint at [0,0,0]. When you use createUnit to fill it with units, it will get an additional waypoint at the position the first unit is created. This new waypoint will also be set as currentWaypoint. However keep these two waypoints in mind when you do some scripting involving this groups' waypoints.
DreadedEntity - c
Posted on May 04, 2022 - 14:20 (UTC)
New group is local to the machine that executed the command (A3 2.08.149102):
player addAction ["Group Test (Dedicated Server)", { [[], { _test = createGroup [west, true]; [str (local _test)] remoteExec ["hint", -2]; //tell all clients group locality; true missionNamespace setVariable ["Group_Reference", _test, true]; //broadcast group reference to all players }] remoteExec ["call", 2]; //create group on dedicated server only sleep 1; _newGroup = missionNamespace getVariable "Group_Reference"; //receive group reference from server systemChat format ["Group local to player: %1", local _newGroup]; //false }];