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Removes the specified waypoint.
  • When a waypoint is deleted, all other group waypoints are immediately re-indexed. See Example 2 for a deletion of all group's waypoints.
  • Deleting a group's current waypoint will not stop the group on its tracks.


deleteWaypoint [group, index]
group: Group
index: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:
deleteWaypoint [_grp, 2];
Example 2:
Because waypoints get immediately re-indexed when one gets deleted, delete them from last to first:
private _group = group _unit; for "_i" from (count waypoints _group - 1) to 0 step -1 do { deleteWaypoint [_group, _i]; };
or always delete the first one (if you want to delete them all)
private _group = group _unit; for "_i" from 0 to (count waypoints _group - 1) do { deleteWaypoint [_group, 0]; };
or use forEachReversed:
{ deleteWaypoint _x } forEachReversed waypoints _group; // Arma 3 v2.14+ only

Additional Information

See also:
waypoints setCurrentWaypoint setWaypointPosition setWaypointScript setWaypointStatements setWaypointType addWaypoint


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Saintolaf - c
Posted on Jan 01, 2008 - 07:48 (UTC)
In order to change the behavior of a unit currently following some waypoints, it is not enough to use deleteWaypoint. To achieve the wanted effect, you should rather use setWPPos to the unit's current position (thereby stopping the unit), and (after a small delay) use deleteWaypoint to remove the next waypoints.
VictorFarbau - c
Posted on Nov 15, 2008 - 13:37 (UTC)
Another (more foolproof) method to avoid the problem of non-deleteable waypoints is to introduce another group (createGroup) and join all units of the present group. A new group will start without any preset waypoints so you can start setting new WPs all over again. Old group is "_combatGroup", new group is "_combatGroup2"
_combatGroup2 = createGroup east; { [_x] joinSilent _combatGroup2 } forEach (units _combatGroup); _combatGroup2 addWaypoint [getPos player, 25];
Mr H. - c
Posted on Nov 17, 2019 - 16:52 (UTC)
To have the unit stop on the spot you need to set its current waypoint where it is and add a little delay, as stated above by Saintolaf so:
group _unit spawn { [_this, currentWaypoint _this] setWaypointPosition [getPosASL ((units _this) select 0), -1]; sleep 0.1; for "_i" from count waypoints _this - 1 to 0 step -1 do { deleteWaypoint [_this, _i]; }; };
Will stop the group where it is and delete its waypoints.