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In order to publish and play Genesys projects (games made in Editor), they have to be exported from Editor and uploaded to Workshop. Workshop is the primary way how to distribute custom games, both single player and multiplayer, among other players. Its is also possible to export and play games locally, but this is primary intended for testing purposes.

To export a game see Export Game in editor menu

  • Workshop export → optimize the game and create workshop version of Genesys project
  • Optimise → it is also possible to optimise the game in advance, so that the export will take less time
  • Show Workshop files → opens folder with exported games

PC vs Universal games

It is possible to determine target platform of a game. This is specified in Game settings / Common settings

  • PC only → when checked, the game could be run without limitations but only on PC
  • Universal → universal games can be run on both PC and mobile devices, but their play areas is limited by maximum terrain size of 3x3x3 chunks
    • Universal games do not support Dynamic terrain

Publishing to workshop

  • When workshop export is used, a single *.yca file is generated. This file can be then uploaded to ylands workshop (
  • It is possible to label the game as protected
    • Protected games cannot be downloaded from Workshop by other users, played locally or copied
    • Games containing custom monetization are automatically protected
    • Unprotected games can be downloaded from workshop and played locally, their files can be freely copied

Important note

  • The author of *.yca file and user logged onto Workshop has to be same person -> meaning that their game account and workshop account has to be linked

Local export (advanced user only)

  • It is possible to use /exportlocal command via console (chat - press enter)
  • When local export is used, two files are generated
    • The game template (actual game file) is created → new *.ygt file will appear.
    • The game is optimized and "support data" are created → new *.ysd file will appear.
      • If "Dynamic terrain" option is disabled in "Game settings", static terrain will get compiled and stored as "support data" which increases game performance rapidly.
      • This process can take a while, depending on size of static terrain.
  • Local files can be found in your Steam user profile: <Steam>\userdata\<yourid>\298610\remote\Games
  • Local games can be played trough the Main menu → All games → My local games

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