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Melee Attack Effect is a game logic that allows the player to change colors and particles of a melee weapon.


Attack trail color

Customize the color of the trail the weapon draws on light / heavy attack.

Heavy attack hit air / terrain

Set a color of the resulting effect of when the weapon hits air or terrain with a heavy attack. Applicability depends on the heavy attack animation of the weapon.

Heavy attack particle uses template

If checked, it is possible to pick a Particle template with the eyedropper to be played during heavy attack animation. Alternatively, should you choose not to use a template, you can leave this box unchecked and define the particle's properties below.


Select a particle to be played from the list.


Size of the played particle (value range 0.1 - 100).


Controls the opacity of the particle effect (value range 0-1).

Simulation speed

Speed of the particle's animation (value range 0.1 - 10; 1 - default speed).

Colors and images

Choose from the range of color and shape options.


Allows a full control over colour and shape properties of each subparticle. Number of settings varies over different particles.

Default colors

Reverts the color of particle to default setting.

Global color

Allows to change the color of the particle to one global setting. All subparticles will inherit this choice.

Single color per subparticle

Select a single color for each subparticle.

Assigning the effect to a weapon

The effect can be assigned to a weapon in two ways:

Item properties

By checking the Use custom melee attack effect box in the target item properties, you unlock a host of additional options below. Like in the previous steps, you may choose to pick a Melee attack effect game logic as a template or set the properties directly to the item.


You may apply the Melee attack effect's properties to an item using the Set Melee Attack Effect tile. Parameters are Entity <target weapon> and Value <melee attack effect>. Setting a None property to Value will remove the effect.

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