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Special game logic to store data specific to one entity (e.g player). When assigned trough instruction Add Storage, it will create a copy witch will be attached to selected entity instance.

  • Storage has to be attached to entity via Add Storage instruction, target entity becomes storage owner
  • Any storage can have unlimited number of owners, each owner will have its unique copy of attached storage
  • Entities can have unlimited number of storages
  • Each owner will have unique values in each storage
  • Storage data (variables) can be found in Variables category
  • Storage instructions can be found in Instructions category

Custom instructions

  • Instructions in a storage are executed only within currently called storage instance and it will affect only variables of this instance.

Storages in compositions

  • When composition using any storage will get exported, it will save with a copy of that storage (even if not selected)
  • When such composition is placed in other scenario, it will make new independent copy of included storage under new name (e.g Entity storage (2))
  • In case of multiple instances of same composition, references in all compositions will be set to one storage


  • In case a script will try to access non-existent storage this will stop the script. So it is crucial to do a storage check using *Has storage instruction before accessing storage on unknown entity (e.g Trigger object).

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