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Image Library game logic allows users to store and share images. Images stored via Image Library are embedded in the game logic itself, meaning that Image Library can be shared via compositions without the need to distribute the source files.

Images defined in library can be utilized in various places:



  • List of available custom images.
  • New images are added by clicking the plus button.
  • Images can be deleted by clicking the trash bin button.
  • Images can be edited by clicking the pencil button.

Image properties

  • Preview - preview of current image.
  • Name - name of the image.
  • Image- image source file.
  • Sliced - whenever image can be freely scaled preserving the aspect ration.
    • Left, Right, Top, Bottom - offsets of the sliced region.
    • Edges outside the sliced region will preserved 1:1.
  • Library usage - show the current free space for all images in the game.

Image format

  • Accepted formats: PNG, JPG

Library limit

  • Current soft limit for sum of all images within current game is 4 megapixels (2048 x 2048 px). Beyond this limit image quality downscaling will occur.

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