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Game logic used to specify rotation animation which can be then assigned onto "dynamic" objects. When an object has active animator assigned it will execute that movement until the animator is unassigned or disabled. When the objects finishes one movement cycle an End Cycle Event spawned (if enabled).

Important Note

  • Any dynamic object can have only one Position and one Rotation animator assigned at time.
  • When new Rotation Animator is assigned to an object, it will stop the current movement and start movement defined in new animator.



  • Align with movement - Object rotation will automatically align with its movement.
  • Rotation reference - Rotation defined by reference point(s)

Align with movement

  • Immediate - Whenever rotation change will take effect immediately or not
    • Max speed - Maximum rotation speed (deg/sec)
    • Acceleration - Rotation acceleration (deg/sec^2)
  • Rotation offset - Local offset for rotated entity
  • X / Y / Z - Allows to constrain alignment to only specific axes

Rotation reference

  • Around reference point - Simple rotation
    • Reference point - Reference point used as rotation axis.
    • Angle - Rotation length in degrees
    • Rotation offset - Local offset for rotated entity
  • Between reference points
    • Start point - Reference point defining starting rotation.
    • End point - Reference point defining rotation end.


  • Ping pong - Object rotation will bounce from start to end and back.
  • Repeated - Object rotation will repeat only from start to end.


  • Speed - Velocity of movement in degrees per second.
  • Time - How many seconds the movement (one cycle) should take.
  • Smoothing - Defines if the movement is linear or accelerated. 0 = constant speed, 1 = fully smoothed from start to end


  • Absolute - Object will move in absolute coordinates as defined in animator.
  • Relative - Object movement will be relative to its current rotation.


  • Spawn animator events - Whenever the animator will spawn appropriate events or not

Animator events

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