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  • Allows creators to make their own custom skills and actions
  • You can assign a skill to any player role or assign it to player via visual scripting
  • If there are skill present in your game, you can see a skill list in your inventory screen and you can change hotbar to skill hotbar by pressing ~



  • A short description of your skill


  • Skill icon that will represent the skill in skill list and hotbar

Overrides mode

  • Enable this if you want the skill execution to completely override player motion input and state (e.g., walking, flying)
  • If you enable this option, it might be a good idea to add an animation, since no default animation will show
  • Note: This option muset be enabled if you want the "Movement" element to work!


  • Determines how long the skill lasts (will also affect the timeline)
  • Note: If you have elements on the timeline and set the duration to be shorter than the position of those elements, they will be deleted!


  • Set cooldown - how long you have to wait until the same skill can be used again

Entry condition

  • Set up condition a player must meet to execute the skill

Entry cost

  • Resource cost required to enter skill. Set up target resource and how much skill execution costs


  • Set up what will interupt this skill

Is Charged

  • Turns on charge settings, where you can set up individual charge states and their duration

Loops in

  • Sets up whether the skill loops and in which state
  • None - skill does not loop
  • Last charge state - Last charge state loops as long as the button is held
  • Skill execution - Skill execution loops as long as the button is held

Is Modal

  • Turns on modal settings, where you can set up modal states
  • You are able to select modal skills in the skill hotbar to enter a "mode" from which you can execute elements on timeline via default action button.(Default LMB on PC)


  • This is a list of elements creator can put on the timeline to create their custom skill


  • Serves as a reference point for visual scripting
  • Put it anywhere on a timeline to run custom script at specified time


  • Plays chosen sound effect
  • Can be instant or looped (switch is located top left, above properties)

Full Body Animation

  • Adds a full body animation chosen from the list
  • When chosen, animation is automatically set to its default duration
  • You can shorten or lengthen the animation
  • When shortening, the animation will cut off at the end point
  • When lengthening, the character will be stuck in the last animation frame until it ends
  • If you lengthen the animation, the part that is longer than its default duration will be highlighted in red

Upper Body Animation

  • Same as full body animation, but only affects the upper part of character's body


  • Note: You have to check the Override mode option in properties for this element to work!
  • Movement is a timeline element that moves characters based on set time and velocity (X,Y,Z)
  • If you set up one movement element on timeline, start and end of timeline will be considered a zero vector and player will move between them and its element.
  • If you set up two ore more movement elements on timeline, you will move based on set velocity and time between those elements. Imagine setting up a first movement element at time 1, velocity (0,0,0) and second element at time 2, velocity (0,10,0). At time 1, player will start moving and during the 1 second, they will move 10 units up.


  • Plays chosen particle effect
  • You can either choose a particle effect in the editor and edit it, or choose a prepared template from game logic

Melee hit

  • Element that lets you define a sector around player that returns entities in that sector.
  • You can then manipulate those entities in visual scripting
  • Melee hit will detect obstructions and will not hit entities behind items and walls

Movement restriction

  • Allows restricting player movement
  • No running or no moving

Change Speed

  • Allows making player faster or slower

Hide Item

  • Hides any item currently held in hand

Aiming Mode

  • Switches to aiming mode, shows crosshair to see where exactly character is looking, useful for raycasts and projectiles

Raycast Hit

  • Casts a ray in camera direction or direction of the crosshair when aiming mode is active
  • You can manipulate objects or position hit by your raycast in visual scripting


  • Shoots a projectile from player position, either in direction of where character is looking, or crosshair in aiming mode
  • Choose entity that will be used as a projectile by selecting a entity template
  • You can specify what will happen after projectile hits/misses/hits ground in visual scripting

Shape Hit

  • Element that lets you define a sector around player that returns entities in that sector.
  • You can then manipulate those entities in visual scripting
  • Shape hit will not detect obstructions and will hit entities behind walls.

Modify Resource

  • Modifies chosen resource (adds or subtracts value)

Resource Cost

  • Checks if player has enough of resource to continue executing skill
  • If they do, specified resource value is subtracted and skill continues
  • If they don't , skill is interrupted